Amazing Aztecs Slots

Inspired by the glory of the ancient Aztec civilization, Microgaming has provided its fans with the superbly looking Amazing Aztecs. Its background imagery is not so much filled with numerous, meticulously crafted details as it is with rich, gorgeously looking colors. The reels are surrounded by a massive wall with stones so ancient that plants have started to grow between the cracks. A ray of sunlight is illuminating the surface and makes the emerald shade of the nearby green leaves shine.

The Intriguing Main Characters

The main characters of the game, which have their very own well-paying symbols are original and sympathetic. There is the mighty leader, who is in possession of a huge golden staff and wears an even more gigantic head decoration. There is a gorgeous lady with violet lipstick, violet ornaments on her clothing, holding a violet object in her hands, with golden jewelry contributing to her beauty.

There is another female character, a hunter, who is brandishing an epic sword and looks in an equally fascinating way – green hair, green clothing, with a giant fur resting on one shoulder – probably a trophy of a prey. And finally, there is the elderly shaman-like lady, almost fully covered in blue and she has a staff of her own.

Awesome Gameplay Featuring a Terrific Bonus Feature

The gameplay includes 5 reels and 3 rows. Players can acquire earnings in 243 different ways. The permanent coin size is 10 cents and the maximum possible bet is 100 dollars. The symbols, which will be appearing on the reels are the Amazing Aztecs Logo symbol, the Chief, the Hibiscus, the Hunter, the Lily, the Marigold, the Orchid, the Princess, the Shaman and the tiger Flowers.

Every time the player gets his or her hands on a prize of any kind, they will also receive the chance of activating a special Giant Re-Spin feature. In it, the 2 by 2, 3 by 3 and 4 by 4 Giant symbols can appear and if they do, they can provide exceptional prizes. This particular feature is masterfully crafted: the sound design is on point – an epic battle drum sound will build the suspense as the reels are spinning and as soon as a winning combination is formed, a shower of golden coins will cover the main screen.

Amazing Aztecs Slots is available for both mobile devices and Desktop. Fans of Microgaming will surely have a blast with it and more particularly -with its engrossingly built Aztec theme, unique characters, profitable symbols and generous bonus features.