Blow The Horn And Start The Hunt For Lucrative Cash Prizes With Tally Ho Slots

Tally Ho Slots is a video slot title from the Microgaming team. At a first glance it might look like a fox hunting themed game, but it is actually a lot more than that. When you spin the 5 reels of this 9 pay line game, you discover various tea party icons like teacups and tasty pastries. However, these delicious drinks and foods are not enjoyed by the noble lord and lady of the English traditional manor. The tea ceremony table has turned in Tally Ho Slots, because all of these luxuries are now enjoyed by courtly-looking foxes. Lord Fox puffs his pipe and Lady Fox sips her tea. They feel splendid, because they are the ones who are in charge in this game. These two posh aristofoxes are no longer being hunted, and they definitely enjoy their luxurious new lifestyle.

The Symbols That You Need To Hunt For In The Game

A wildly bucking horse functions as the wild attribute in this game. It is as jolly good horse indeed, because it functions as a substitute for other game symbols, and therefore it is able to complete all your winning pay lines. However, the wild does not substitute the scatter icon. As a slot game enthusiast, you will be happy to find out that the wild horse attribute also generously doubles any of your slot machine wins when it shows up on the reels. The hunting horn represents the scatter icon in this game. It triggers a special free spins round when it shows up at least three times on the slot machine reels.

Besides the wild and scatter icon, you find a lot of delicious treats, like strawberries, slices of cheese and small sandwiches, on the slot reels. There are also some displays of luxury items like expensive cars and the decorated gates of a mansion.

The Hunt For Cash Becomes Easy And Convenient With Tally Ho Slots

With Tally Ho Slots, Microgaming twists a standard slot title theme into a new and innovative form. It combines this surprising theme with an ease to use set of betting features and a rewarding set of cash prizes and extra benefits. Therefore, the game offers an enjoyable mix of entertainment for both new players and seasoned slot game enthusiasts. When you like to gamble or go out on a hunt in your spare time, then Tally Ho Slots offers the perfect opportunity to spin the reels and hunt for some serious amounts of cash.

If you prefer to find out how the game works before you feel comfortable enough to spin the reels for real cash, then you can always get to know the game via a free to use demo version. However, do not hesitate to play for real money once you fully understand how the game works, because a winning cash prize might suddenly make it possible for you to buy your very own luxurious manor in the beautiful English countryside.