Spin Palace USA

On June 1, the UIGEA Law will go into effect. This could have significant consequences for players from the US, but recent events have made this upcoming event almost a moot point. Just a few days ago, Microgaming announced that it was teaming up with Betware to provide its software platform for Microgaming casinos. At a time when Microgaming wants to maintain a presence in the US market, this comes as great news for US players who had accounts at All Slots and other Microgaming casinos; Spin Palace Casino being one of them.

Some Microgaming casinos have, to date, made a smooth transition for their existing players by switching them over to a new casino specifically designed for US players, namely, All Slots USA Casino. If you had an account at All Slots, Royal Joker, and Spin Palace; you may see a change in the offing, albeit a good change. Although All Slots USA Casino is strictly a download casino, they will still offer most of the many casino games you were playing as a member.

US Players Now Have Choices

Over the last several years, US players have been asking for more US casinos. With Microgaming teaming up with Betware, a well-known and experienced 14-year-old online gaming company, and with the new All Slots USA Casino launched, US players can pick and choose an online casino that meets their every expectation.

Best US Casinos

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