Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots

Innovative and beautiful, Microgaming’s Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion Slots combines original gameplay and a stunningly imaginative, inspiring background world. The imagery surrounding the reels depicts a world in a distant galaxy – a planet with a dark blue surface, where neon crystals grow and a red horizon, coloured by the giant maroon planet that looms over the bluish clouds.

The protagonists in the game are Lyra and Erion. They are spectacularly crafted through 3D animation. Lyra has crazy purple hair, awesome yellow glasses, a superhero-like spandex suit and a stylish, teal guitar. Erion is a neat AI robot made of blue minerals. The soundtrack additionally immerses gamblers in the sci-fi world.

Massive Payouts from the Space Crystals

The reels set up is unique. They are arranged in a reverse diamond shape that has 22 symbol positions. Coin sizes vary from 10 cents to 20 dollars. The maximum possible bet is 1000 dollars. The bonus features are all exceptionally animated, interactive and immensely profitable at the same time.

There are 6 payable symbols in the game – 3 crystals and 3 card letters. The symbols that will be forming combinations and providing payouts are the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Green Crystal, the Purple Crystal and the Red Crystal. Three main bonus features will be delivering excellent prizes to gamblers – the Sonic Respins, the Lyra Spirit feature and the Wild multipliers.

Thrillingly Interactive Bonus Games with Big Prizes

The Sonic Respins will be happening on a regular basis. In them Lyra will be liberating crystal types and Erion will be locking new symbols through his special crystal shield. Lyra can potentially award respins, break the shielded clusters and bring giant earnings – up to 15 000 times the total bet can end up being added to the gambler’s balance.

During the Lyra Spirit Bonus, Lyra will be creating spirits from left to right. She will collect gems and players will be able to choose from three different lanes full of them. Erion will attempt to stop her by raising crystal barriers. What the gambler’s job is to guess which lanes will be the safest ones to pass through. Players will have 3 lives (3 attempts) at their disposal. If they emerge successful through all 6 stages of this bonus game, they might end up acquiring 20 times the total bet as well as all the gems that were gathered during the round.

Gamblers can also profit from the wild multipliers. These are special symbols, which can make an appearance in 3 red cells. These wilds can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form new winning combinations. If a combination is formed through a multiplier wild, its payouts will end up being increased by a multiplier, the value of which could be between 2 times and 5 times.

Embark on Microgaming’s epic space journey with two splendidly animated characters and fight your way to giant earnings, while enjoying the various thrills and joys of the game’s groundbreaking gameplay.